With the ubiquity of window manager applications in macOS, it is surprisingly easy to run out of good, unique keyboard shortcuts that do not interfere with other applications. A common solution for this problem is to remap a key (often caps lock) to the “hyper key”: a combination of shift, control, option, and command. Since this modifier key combination is very unlikely to be taken by shortcuts in any application, it collectively becomes an extra modifier key. My take on this solution is a single purpose app called Hyperkey.

Remapping caps lock to the hyper key is actually quite easy set up in Karabiner-Elements, which is free and open source. Hence an obvious question: why bother creating a paid, closed source app that does the same thing without all the other key remapping stuff? Let’s take a look at it.

The quest for lightweight simplicity

Remapping a key is just a checkbox & dropdown away. I actually prefer remapping right option to the hyper key.

A simple trackpad gesture

One other thing

The goal

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